What is the Muslim bible?

What is the Muslim bible?

If you ever asked yourself what the Muslim bible is, the simple answer is the Quran, and to put in mind, the Quran is the final stage of all the bible that Allah has sent to His prophets and messengers as a message and instructions to guide the misguided people.


What is the relationship between the Quran and the bible?

As we previously mentioned, the Quran is the final stage and shape of all the holy books.

The first holy book was the Torah, then the Bible (Gospel)came, and the Zabur(Psalms), the newspapers, and finally the Holy Quran,

The Bible has sent to the Prophet of Allah Jesus when people have wronged his mother Mariam -peace be upon her- so Allah ordered Jesus (Īsā ibn Maryam) to speak in his childhood to inform the people that he is the messenger from Allah 

but sadly, the people have taken him as a god.

But the holy book has sent to the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him to guide his people in the right way.


What the Quran said about the bible

“And indeed, among them surely is a group, they distort their tongues in The Kitab so that you may think it is from The Kitab - and it is not from The Kitab - and they say, "It is from Allah" - and it is not from Allah - and they say about Allah the lie while they know.”

“So, woe to those who write (i.e: fabricate) The “Kitab” with their [own] hands then they say, “This is from Allah” to barter (i.e: sell) with it for a little price! So woe to them for what their hands have written and woe to them for what they earn!”


“And recite what has been revealed to you of your Lord’s Book. None can change His Words and never you will find besides Him, a Refuge!”


“They are not [the] same; among [the] Ahle-ul-Kitab (People of The Kitab) is a community standing (for the right), reciting Allah’s Verses in night-hours, and they prostrate (to Allah Only).”


“O Ahle-Ul-Kitab (People of The Kitab) ! Why do you mix the truth with the falsehood and conceal the truth while you know [it] ?”


What is the difference between the Quran and the bible?

There are no numerous differences between Quran and the bible because they two have sent from Allah, they both were come to guide people to Allah and to tell them that Allah is the only god so, you should stop worship other idols as they will not benefit you all, Allah only will do, so come back now to Allah and ask him the forgiveness.


By coming to the end of our article, we Urge you to start learning all about your holy book (Quran) as a Muslim, it’s not an option to withdraw your Quran and become know less or nothing about your religion so the ignorant people can use you easily.

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