What is Noorani Qaida?

What is Noorani Qaida?

Noorani Qaida, the rule is known in the language as the origin and the basis, be it sensory or intangible; Jurisprudence rules are an example of an intangible basis, as they are the root of many jurisprudential issues, as is the rule, as it is the basis for everything that needs reading in the Arabic language. This is what distinguishes it from other rules.


Noorani Qaida

It is also one of the sciences related to the Holy Quran, which aims to learn and teach the correct pronunciation of letters, which helps to teach the Quran to young and old, spread awareness, and learn rulings of tajwid as well.


What is Noorani Qaida

As for the meaning of the word Illuminati, it is attributed to its author, Sheikh Nur Muhammad Haqqani, and the thousand for exaggeration, and the nun for protection and the original is to say al-Nuriyyah. A number of books explaining his method of education, and it was accepted by Muslims. Like his book Al-Qaida Al-Noorani, and he died - may Allah have mercy on him - in the year one thousand three hundred and forty-three AH.


Author Noorani Qaida

Author of Noorani Qaida Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani, the author of al-Qaida al-Noorani, was born in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five AD in the state of Punjab in India, and completed his legal studies in one of its famous religious schools, after which he completed his studies in the specialty of hadith and its sciences at the hands of the modernist Ahmad Ali Al-Sahanbouri, and authored an issue From the books and in which he developed his methodology for education; Like his book, Al-Qaida Al-Noorani, it met with great acceptance among Muslims, and he died - may Allah have mercy on him - in the year one thousand nine hundred twenty-five AD.


The names of Noorani Qaida

The Noorani base has many names; Of which:


Al-Fathia base; According to Sheikh Fathi Al-Madani, who added some amendments to it and set some rules on it.

Al-Baghdadi base; It differs from Noorani Qaida only in that some of her words are not from the Arabic language, while Noorani Qaida all of her words are from the Holy Quran.

  • Noor al-Bayan base.
  • The Meccan base.
  • Rabbinic base.
  • The field base.
  • Criterion rule.


The importance of learning Noorani Qaida

The importance of learning the Nooranya rule is due to many reasons, and explain it as follows:


Her attachment to the Quran and the Arabic language, and she is interested in everything that needs reading in particular and writing in general. Its gradation, ease, and clarity for the student, far from complexity, in addition to the presence of many examples and exercises from the Quran. To measure students 'understanding and comprehension, while building students' minds to understand the letter and word shapes.


Distinctively arranged and divided, with many colors; To set letters and words. Its fruits are in the supremacy of its students.


Its composition is similar to that of the ancient Muslim scholars, and this method is based on addressing the subject of the book, and the scholar wrote his book to address some of the issues in the way of learning the Quran.


Adopts Ottoman drawing and Quran pronunciation of letters. Which made it more original, accurate, style, and acceptable to people.