Tips to Learn Noorani Qaida Online|Online Quran Academy

 Tips to Learn Noorani Qaida Online|Online Quran Academy

Tips to Learn Noorani Qaida Online: After many people repeat the name Noorani for teaching reading, writing, and the Holy Quran, praising this method and its effective impact on learning, it has become important to know the origin of this method and how to learn it and the great benefit that spread behind it. Read on to find out what you want.


Noorani Qaida 

The Noorani method is a method that helps teach reading, writing, teaching, and memorizing the Holy Quran. This is for children, non-Arabic speakers, or Arabs who do not know Arabic themselves. This method was developed by Sheikh Nur Muhammad Haqqani; He is of Indian origin. Then Sheikh Fateh Muhammad al-Madani came to add some modifications that would make it easier for the learner of the Noorani tariqa to receive it easily.

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For many years, the Noorani method has been used to teach the Arabic language in many foreign countries. And that by specialized centers in that. Today, some of these centers are available in Arab countries. Thus it is now easy to learn this method.


Noorani way to memorize the Quran

What is meant by the Noorani method is to apply the rules of Tajweed in reading and memorizing the Noble Quran in a practical way. This is instead of listing the rules of intonation and memorizing them without applying.


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It is known that the alphabet of reading and memorizing the Quran is the knowledge of the correct letter exits. The method, Noorani, helps the Quran readers to do so in a way that does not cause them hardship or torture.


The fact is that the Noorani method for reading and memorizing the Noble Quran was specially developed for non-Arabic speakers who cannot pronounce Arabic sounds. However, the distance of the Arabs themselves from their mother tongue made them the first people to learn the Quran in this way.


Although this method is useful for adults and children in reading and memorizing the Noble Quran, it is most useful for young children. Because young people are often difficult to exit letters. Which makes it difficult to memorize the Quran at an early age for many of them.


However, the experiences of those who memorized the Quran using the Noorani method have shown that it facilitates the child’s memorization and reading at an early age. Because it fits the way his brain works.


The Noorani Way to teach reading and writing

The Noorani method for teaching reading and writing is based primarily on teaching the child or non-Arabic speaking how to pronounce the single Arabic letters, then the compound letters, then the vowels.


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This is to facilitate the learner: Graduating from easiest to hardest makes things simpler and easier. And because the Noorani method relies on teaching the correct pronunciation of letters while looking at the shape of each letter while pronouncing it, it is considered one of the best methods of learning to read and write. This is because reading depends on memorizing the shape of the alphabet, and writing depends on drawing each letter. This is achieved by learning the Noorani method.


We conclude that it is easy today to learn the Noorani method. And that is through some websites or centers located in various parts of the country. It is always preferable to teach the child this method from the age of two years. It is the age at which he begins to speak; It helps him improve the language and start memorizing the Holy Quran at a young age.