Steps to memorize the Holy Quran

Steps to memorize the Holy Quran

Memorizing the Holy Quran, the Messenger of Allah - may Allah bless him and grant him peace - said of those who seek to take care of the Book of Allah Almighty; Through its reading, contemplation, recitation, and action:

(Indeed, Allah has qualified among the people, who said: Messenger of Allah, who are they?

They are those who are influenced by the words of Allah Almighty, and they feel the meaning of every letter and every verse in it, and they also work according to what is stated in it all the time, so Allah-Almighty distinguished them from other human beings in this world and the hereafter. In this world, they are the best and best of people, and in the hereafter, they are the people of Allah and his own.

History has mentioned many men who spent their lives in order to care for, interpret, memorize and act on the Book of Allah, since the completion of the process of collecting the Noble Quran during the era of Abu Bakr Al-Siddiq - may Allah be pleased with HIM - until the present time.

Knowing that Allah - may He be glorified and exalted - has singled out them to include them in his name. Glorifying them; Because they devoted their lives to caring for the Book of Allah - the Almighty -, and as it is said: The House of Allah, it is said: People of Allah, and only one who purifies himself and purifies himself from sins secretly and openly, outwardly and inwardly, is beautified with pure obedience to Allah - glory be to Him -.

Steps to memorize the Holy Quran


First method
This method is quantified; That is, one surah is divided into more than one section - according to the ability of the memorizing one -. For example, Surat Al-Kahf is memorized in four stages, or five - according to his ability -, and the Hafiz’s division of the surah to be memorized must be according to the verses that are related to the meaning. There is no objection to reading the simple interpretation of the verses before beginning to memorize them. To increase mastery.

The preserver is also keen to repeat one syllable five times or more. So that it is firmly established in his mind without escaping, and upon completion of memorizing the first stanza, he begins to memorize the second verse of the last verse in the first stanza; This helps him to connect them, with the necessity of repeating what has been memorized in focus and linking all the clips with each other.

Despite the difficulty of linking the surah in one go, Due to the different times and circumstances in which they were preserved, it is possible to solve this problem and avoid it. Al-Hafiz recites the surah at one time at a time, and with time, he will be able to recite the surah in one go, and this method is one of the methods widespread among memories and reciters. Because the Messenger - may blessings and peace be upon him - used to take the Quran from Gabriel five by five, and the Companions - may Allah be pleased with them - did not memorize the new except after they mastered the old memorization and did what was mentioned in it.

It is noteworthy that this method helps to consolidate memorization, and it is one of the easy ways to memorize the Quran for children and those who lack experience. It also helps the preserver to distinguish between verses that are similar in structures and words, noting that a timeline must be drawn up for memorization. So that the Hafez can divide the surah and memorize it according to a schedule commensurate with his energy and conditions.

The second method

It is not possible to memorize the Noble Quran without the help of Allah Almighty. Therefore, devotion to Allah Almighty in memorizing the Quran and seeking help from it is one of the most beneficial and best methods, in addition to the fact that the one who has memorized the Quran has a great status that he attains. The presence of a master of Tajweed. Recitation and chant; So that the hafiz follow his instructions, and recite to him what he has memorized of the verses, then the sheik corrects his recitation for him, and then the effort is on the hafiz.

By repeating the verses that he has memorized throughout his day: So that he is able to memorize them while continuing to review everything that he has memorized in the following days, consolidate it, and confirm it; Read it frequently; So that every day he recites a word from it, and the best and best times for memorization and review is what is the time of Fajr. Whether it is before or after dawn, and the hafiz must be patient in his memorization. Patience is what helps to maintain and to continue memorizing.