Quran school in turkey

Quran school in turkey, if the Turkish state's adherence to secular values ​​since 1923, which guarantee citizens freedom of religion and beliefs, without coercion or obligation, Learn Quran Online does not prevent the Islamic religion from maintaining its strong presence among the Turkish people.


Where Muslims make up more than 97% of the population of Turkey, where Islamic manifestations are spread in every part of Turkey, as there are more than 184 thousand mosques in Turkish lands, which are distinguished by beautiful, wonderful and beautiful construction, Learn Quran Online in their geometric construction and artistic decoration.


Online Tajweed classes in turkey

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Learn Quran Online And recently, these mosques are an attraction not only for tourists, but also for those wishing to learn the Noble Quran, or teach it to their children, boys or girls, the Holy Quran which is the icon, spirit, and content of Islam. Teaching the Holy Quran is spread in Turkey in several ways, including:


Quran memorization mosques in Turkey

As the Quran teaching sessions spread in Turkey for different ages from the age of seven to the age of seventy years, and they are provided free of charge, and the lessons vary in intonation, memorization, interpretation, jurisprudence, and others, kids and it is not limited to the Turks only but includes Arabs and Turks as well, and for children, Learn Quran Online men and women, especially illiterate ones.


Learn Quran Online in turkey

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Institutes and centers for memorizing the Quran in Turkey

Among the most famous ones are the Quran Generation Institute in classes tajweed, and the Yunus Emre Center for Quran Memorization for Girls in the city of Konya, which has a capacity of 600 students, and there is the Al Baraka Center in Mersin, and there is also an institute for teaching the Quran for Syrian women and kids in Hatay and many centers and institutes that best provide teaching tajweed the Quran and teaching Arabic Also.


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Turkish institutions for memorizing the Quran

The activities or courses teachers organized by the Syrian, Turkish, or Syrian-Turkish charitable institutions for memorizing the learn Noble Quran tajweed for Syrian teachers refugee kids and adults academy, best helping them learn about their religion, is an example of the initiative that was sponsored by the Sultan Yavuz Selim Mosque.