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Quran school online: Teaching and memorizing the Holy Quran is an essential element of the teaching of Sharia sciences and its most prominent constituents.


There is no doubt that the young’s study of the Holy Quran has positive effects that help him in his scientific life, in addition to what he receives from the great reward and great reward, Learn Quran and what nourishes his soul Of faith.


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Quran school online

Looking at the reality of the outputs of memorization Quran schools online and their impact on individuals and society, we find that a large number of scholars, officials, thinkers, intellectuals, doctors, engineers, and other elite members of society graduated.


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Learn Quran Online and that those in charge of these associations and schools are of the educational and educational competencies known for goodness, piety, and moderation, Online Quran classes and none of them are accused of extremism and extremism.


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In addition, the teaching and teaching curricula in these schools are subject to supervision and follow-up by the competent government agencies.


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Learn Quran Online, In addition, a large number of graduates of memorization societies and schools are working in the field of advocacy according to the teachings of Sharia and the approach of the righteous predecessors, especially since the majority of the memories of the Noble Quran among the graduates of these schools are considered honorable models in their behavior, morals, and their interaction with others.