Learn Quran for Kids Online Simple & Easy

Learn Quran for Kids Online Simple & Easy

Learn Quran for Kids Online Simple & Easy, you may think that teaching children the Holy Quran online in an easy and simple way is difficult due to the importance of the topic and its accuracy, but we will prove to you the opposite. You are not the only one going through this stage, as all the people feel the importance and difficulty of this responsibility.


There is no specific age to start teaching a child the Quran, but it is said that the most appropriate age is when the child reaches four years of age.


Learn Quran for Kids Online Simple & Easy

To begin with, you have to make sure that you sit with the child and tell him about Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, about the importance of prayer, and the reason behind keeping his teachings. You cannot start reading the teachings without the child understanding who God Almighty is. But after making sure the child understands these matters, you must follow the following steps:


Read verses of the Quran, making sure that children are surrounded by you and know what you are up to. Soon, you will notice that they do the same. Don't forget that you are a role model in your child's life and he will want to imitate everything you do.


Reading verses of the Quran aloud, as this will help the child memorize some of the words you are reading.


Accustom the child to recite a verse from the Quran daily when he wakes up in the morning. And choosing stories from the Quran to read to the child before bed.


You can also explain to him about a specific story in the Quran.


Playing Quran verses at home in a low volume during playtime or when eating.


But you have to make sure that the child is not forced to read the Quran, as this makes it difficult for you to do the process. Therefore, in the event that your child does something he loves, do not prevent him from doing that in order to read the Holy Quran. Rather, allocate a certain time every day for that, and the child will know that this time is devoted to reading the Quran. But if you force him, you will notice that the child is not interested in what you read, and it will take a lot of time before he absorbs the verses of the Quran.


How to encourage a child to memorize the Quran


Pregnant listening to the Quran

Dear reader, you should know that the scholars have reached the interaction of the fetus with the mother in all her cases, whether in joy or sadness, as it is affected by what it hears and becomes more accustomed to it, so you have to frequently enjoy the Quran during pregnancy until the fetus is affected by this and a connection occurs with the Holy Quran.


Listening and reading the Holy Quran during breastfeeding

The infant is affected by everything that revolves around him, especially the sense of hearing, and begins to store the vocabulary he hears, and of course, he cannot use it during the breastfeeding period, but he stores it and employs it later, so when a nursing woman enjoys the Quran, the infant is affected by it and it is easy for him to memorize the Quran after that.


Make sure to read the Quran in front of children

The young child imitates those around him, especially the mother and father, as they are the role models for him until we find him imitating you in the prayer movements of prostration and kneeling.