Learn Qaida Noorani for children online

Learn Qaida Noorani for children online

Learn Qaida Noorani for children online, Al Qaida Noorani is one of the sciences that are related to the Holy Quran, its learning and teaching, and with the Noorani rule, children can be taught to read at a very young age, where the child can learn to read through the Noorani rule when he completes four years of his life.

And that by joining the program of Al-Qaida Al-Noorani, whose duration is a whole year, after which he will master reading, recite the Noble Quran with the provisions of intonation, and pronounce the letters from their correct exits, thus establishing in his mind the skill of sound reading, and thus has a distinct linguistic wealth from his youth.

Learn Qaida Noorani for children online
The program of Al-Qaeda Al-Nourania consists of several lessons, you must proceed according to the order in which it came from its author, and these lessons are as follows:

Single letters of the alphabet
In the first lesson, the individual letters of the spelling are taught: (a, b, t, w, c, ...) and so on, which are the twenty-eight letters of the Arabic language, considering the hamza as a separate letter () as in the word (taken), and alif extended It is branched from it as in the word (self), and when teaching letters, care must be taken to the following:

1- Memorizing the letters well from top to bottom and back.
2- The child must learn a letter by letter and not move to another letter before mastering the one before it, and the letters of taking him are: (khas, pressure, qaz), and the rest of the letters are softening letters, and the letters lam and ra fall between Thinning and glowing and they have several cases, while the Alef follows what came before it, and it is subliminal and exaggerated.
3- Reading the rules of intonation without explanation. Rather, the child learns by repeatedly hearing the voice.

Compound letters

In this lesson, ligatures are explained, and they consist of two and more letters, and the child learns to read ligatures by spelling rather than by sound, for example, the letter (no) is taught to the child by its spelling, and he does not know this letter and its composition, so he is told:

The letter (no) is lam and alif, and with this, the teacher tells him what it consists of, and in this lesson, the letters are repeated between the compound and the singular so that the child distinguishes between them and becomes entrenched in his mind.

Bulb: o, no, o. Stay Ta, enough, Tha. Ts: Ta, Seine. Bj: Pa, c.

Cut letters
The cut letters are known as the Illuminati letters, and scholars disagreed about these letters and their interpretation, and they do not have a fixed meaning, and they are taken by receiving from the elders.

In this lesson, the teacher must read the rulings of tajweed, and the muddied must be applied without focusing on the child in applying the muddied Because his breath is still short and extends according to his energy only, but he will learn from repeating the sound of the Mudd and the rulings of intonation from the teacher or from the tape, and the illuminated letters are 14 letters, and they are divided into four groups, which are:

Alif: Do not be stretched. Letters (Hay Tahar): are extended in two movements, a natural extension for each letter. Letters (we will cut it for you): it must be extended by 6 vowels, and the type of dilation is necessary verbatim with a capitalized letter if it is followed by an accented letter, and it is necessary for a reduced letter if there is no accented letter after it.

Letter (aa): the extension is sometimes 4, and sometimes 6 vowels.