How to teach the Holy Quran to children

How to teach the Holy Quran to children

Teach the Holy Quran to children, a house full of the Holy Quran is considered a home of goodness, tranquility, and reassurance. As it was built with love for the Holy Quran, That is why fathers and mothers should strive to teach their children the Quran at an early age. So that the child becomes a righteous man in his society, disciplined by the etiquette and morals of the Quran.


It should be noted that most of the older imams memorized the Quran when they were young. Al-Tabari - may Allah have mercy on him - preserved him at the age of seven, and Al-Suyuti - may Allah have mercy on him - memorized him at the age of six, and the first stages are the most appropriate time for memorization, as the child begins initiation and repetition from a young age, and gets used to listening to the Holy Quran with correct recitation, and a fortiori It is worth taking it to an accomplished elder, To learn with him.


How to teach the Holy Quran to children

Also, care must be taken that the Quran always be with it. He looks at it and memorizes the places where words are written. He is not mistaken in the recitation, but he is able to memorize it, because the mistake that the child makes and is not corrected for him, may often be difficult to correct, and what helps to teach him the Quran also are recorded tapes. The child listens to it and repeats it with the reader.


It is preferable to start with a short surah that is easy for him to memorize and read, and for fathers and mothers to encourage their children to memorize by various means and to love the Holy Quran, and honor their teachers, which leads to the child benefiting from the literature of his teacher before his knowledge, and his work, in addition to the follow-up. Increases concern and encouragement. So the child becomes fast at memorizing, loving the Quran, and hastening to it.


The appropriate way to teach children the Holy Quran

And the appropriate way to teach children to start is by teaching him the letters of the spelling, writing some easy words after mastering those letters, training them, and pronouncing them correctly, then the words of In the name of Allah the Merciful and Istiha 'are written for him, then the progression is done with the easiest and easiest surah, and memorizing it every day as much as he can Keep it, It does not increase, nor does it diminish anything, and he must also bother to review the memorization above as well.


It is imperative to present the benefit to them by presenting wisdom, or a story, or asking him to do some work, such as drawing, or writing what he has benefited, and what he saves must be repeated on a daily basis, and constant keenness to encourage, motivate, and reward him, and hold a humble party For him whenever he completes a surah and completes it with memorization and understanding, he must also be the educator. Whether he is a mother, father, or teacher, he is constantly aware and aware of the child's age stages, so that he is presented with what is appropriate for his age.


Creating a psychological and emotional atmosphere for children, through initiating it with encouragement, love, and urging verses to memorize, work, and gentleness in proposing dialogues with students, reading verses in an elaborate and correct manner, politeness in the etiquette of Quran councils, and good listening and listening.