How to Memorize Quran Online

How to Memorize Quran Online

How to Memorize Quran Online, millions of Muslims around the world strive to memorize the Noble Quran in order to draw close to Allah Almighty and in accordance with the Sunnah of His Prophet - may Allah prayers and peace be upon him - but the majority face difficulty in how to memorize the Noble Quran easily, so we will present to you on our website Ways to memorize the Holy Quran.


How to Memorize Quran Online


1- Having a sincere intention to memorize the Noble Quran

And that the purpose of memorizing the Noble Quran is to obtain the pleasure of Allah Almighty, and that the mind and the soul be harnessed in order to preserve the Quran, and try to move away from matters that distract a person from memorizing the Noble Quran, and which cause a waste of time.


2- Seeking help from Allah mighty and majestic

And that is during prayer, and you are in the hands of Allah to ask Him for help in helping you to memorize the Holy Quran, in order to win his paradise and obtain his approval, and it is also necessary to insist on Allah in this matter in order to help you do that.


3- Excessively seek forgiveness

In order to erase the sins that you have committed, it is also necessary to avoid sins that will make you forget the command of memorizing the Noble Quran, and it is not appropriate for the Book of Allah to commit sins while memorizing the Book of Allah.


4- To have the will and determination for this matter

You should not be lazy, because it will be exhausting at first, but soon Allah will make it easy for you.


5- You organize your affairs

Through a table showing the hours that you will use in order to memorize the Noble Quran, and you must also control yourself through the number of pages that you will accomplish today in memorizing.


6- You should make a daily review of what you memorized during the day

And that this review takes place at the end of the day after the completion of memorization, and that you make a weekly review of what you have saved.


7- Exploitation of firstborns

And the firstborn means that a person memorizes the Quran in the early hours of the dawn, as these hours are best for memorizing the Noble Quran, and the mind and brain are in a fully active state, and the Holy Quran that a person memorizes in the early hours of dawn remains for a longer period in memory.


8- That a person understands what he reads

Memorization does not only mean indoctrination, but the meanings of the verses must be studied in order to memorize them, and this matter facilitates memorization for a person.


9- Try to read what you have memorized during your prayers

In this way, you will preserve what you have memorized, and make sure that you have not forgotten the verses that you have memorized, and it is also a very good way to review what you have memorized.


The importance of memorizing the Holy Quran

Memorizing the Quran while understanding its meanings is a matter that is required by Shari'a. Allah, may He be glorified and exalted, has revealed the Quran in order to recite and manage its meanings, to act upon it, to judge it among people, and to claim creation by it, and to preach it or warn.


This can only be done by understanding the meanings of the Noble Quran. Ibn Abd al-Barr mentioned in Jami al-Bayan that the first ranks and degrees of seeking knowledge is to memorize the Quran and to understand it, and he mentioned that what helps to understand its meanings must be learned.