How to learn Quran easily (2)

How to learn Quran easily (2)

How to learn Quran easily, scholars strived to find the best way to memorize and install and searched the books of advanced and backward ones until they concluded that the way to that lies in repeating the memorized memorization when memorizing it.


Then repeat the revision at a constant daily rate, which was expressed by Imam Al-Bukhari - may Allah have mercy on HIM - who was one of the most accurate people when he was asked about the best way to memorize, as he answered, saying: “Addiction to sight.” To memorize and establish the Holy Quran, the following steps can be followed:


How to learn Quran easily



Hearing the Quran verses to be memorized from a proficient reader is one of the best means to ensure that memorized words are controlled and to prepare the memory for memorization, especially since memorization by picking up the ear for the Holy Quran is better than catching an eye for it, and therefore it is recommended to join one of memorization by indoctrination.



One of the best ways to save is the cumulative method, and they can be as follows:


  • Divide the page into five sections, and each section has three lines.
  • Repeat reading the first section of the page to be memorized from five to eleven times, in order to draw a fixed image in the mind, and bring it up when needed.
  • Returns the three saved lines from five to eleven times. In the event that a mistake is found in memorizing a word or letter, all lines should not be repeated, but the wrong word must be repeated, and the word before it and after it five to eleven times until the tongue gets used to the position of weakness in memorization.
  • Save the second section of the page to be saved in the same way, then read the first and second sections together three times until the saved is linked to each other.
  • Save the remaining sections of the page in the same way, and link each section with the one before it until the entire page is saved.



The copying stage is one of the most important stages for stabilizing preservation, in addition to its effective role in preserving page numbers and verses, and this stage can be performed by copying the page that was saved on an external notebook without looking at the Quran, then comparing it with the Quran.



After completing the memorization of the entire page, it should be repeated from twenty-one to forty times, and it is recommended that the repetition not be on the same day, unless the repetition is in separate sessions and at separate times.



The cumulative method is considered one of the fastest and best way to review, as the review proceeds in two parallel lines, the first line is a review of the old memorization, and the second line is a review of the new memorization, which is done during the same week.


In order to review the old preservation, which is all that was previously saved, one or two days a week should be devoted to the cessation of saving and devoted to reviewing, as for reviewing the new preservation, the page that was saved yesterday should be reviewed before starting to save today's page.