How to Learn Noorani Qaida Online

How to Learn Noorani Qaida Online

How to Learn Noorani Qaida Online, Noorani Qaida in language as the origin and the basis, whether it is sensory or intangible; Jurisprudence rules are an example of the intangible origin, as it is the root of many jurisprudential issues, as well as Noorani Qaida, as it is the origin of everything that needs reading in the Arabic language. This is what distinguishes it from other rules.


What is Noorani Qaida

It is one of the sciences related to the Noble Quran, which aims to learn and teach the correct pronunciation of letters, which helps to teach the Quran to young and old, spread awareness, and learn rulings of tajwid as well.


As for the meaning of the word "Noorani", it is relative to its author, Sheikh Nur Muhammad Haqqani, and the thousand for exaggeration, and the nun for prevention and the original is to say Noorani, and it should be noted that this great scholar completed his legal studies in one of the famous religious schools, then completed his studies in the specialty of hadith and its sciences, and composed A number of books explaining his method of education, and it was accepted by Muslims. Like his book Noorani Qaida, and he died - may Allah have mercy on him - in the year one thousand three hundred and forty-three Hijri.


Benefits of learning Noorani Qaida

Noorani Qaida learns many benefits, and they are explained as follows:


It is one of the easy and useful rules for teaching the Quran to beginners and teenagers, especially those who cannot read properly. It helps those who learn it to read without the need to spell it even if it is small, and it also helps to memorize the Quran and read it quickly, with minimal effort, with the ability to complete the Quran within six months given the Quran.


Learn the letters of the spelling in terms of form and pronunciation, whether they are singular or compound, through the mental visualization of the shape of the letter and linking it together, as well as teaching the movements and settings in terms of form and pronunciation.


Learn the original extensions in terms of form and pronunciation, in addition to helping to soften the tongue; For its ease. The gradual rule in education; By starting with the spelling of general words, especially the words of the Quran, which are distinguished from others by intonation.


The child learns the rulings of Tajweed easily while mastering it if it is taught in a correct way. It also helps to develop intelligence and understanding of the child so that he has the ability to memorize and understand more than others. Take the child to an advanced level.


It makes it easier for adults to straighten the tongue, and make it easy for them to learn the Quran and its rulings in a practical and short period, without the need for theoretical knowledge of the rulings.


The importance of teaching reading in memorizing the Holy Quran

Memorizing the Noble Quran depends on teaching it to those who are not familiar with it, including teaching it to read. Therefore, there are several benefits, including the following:


Occupying time with the Quran away from the hassle of life or traditional education, and this is what Imam Al-Ghazali mentioned. Producing a generation that loves to read and learn from a young age.


Interest in educating the child in a correct way, as he begins to learn to read and write, and then move with him to memorize. Because the child's dependence on learning to read and write before starting to memorize is better. To be proficient in memorizing and applying the provisions of intonation.


Attention to teaching the child the Arabic language. Because it is the way to understand the Quran, the Sunnah, and the words of scholars, and to understand what is found in Islamic books.


Paying attention to educational methods that help stimulate thought and stimulate activity in the soul, which helps to establish information and save time, away from complexity and automatic methods of delivery.


Attention to straightening the tongue; To be a practitioner of the best Arabic methods. Attention to the practical and oral application of performance control and mastery of recitation, away from reading only books of intonation.