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Nowadays everything became easier to do, either you want to learn a new language or take general online courses or you even want to improve your religious skills as Allah recommended us to do, internet revolution gives you the access to do all the required steps to master learning Quran in the house (house of quran) without any need to go outside or to travel it's all hold in your hand, so you have no justify or excuse to delay learning or memorizing of the Quran because all you need is an internet connection and your device.

Yutla online Quran academy show you the best and shortest way to master the Quran in the house(house of quran) so let's have a look at some of them:



A quiet place: find out the place where you prefer to spend time and remark it as a place of learning Quran because simply that helps your mind and your body to relax as a way to make the learning process easier.


Use pen and paper: it helps with memory, write down what you have learned such a proof to establish what you are learning.




Read through the section you will be studying you can educate yourself about what you are about to learn first before starting, you can go to Yutla books page to find what you want




Scholars Tafseer: if you don't know what it means so feel free to look up a scholar Tafseer on that aya.



Relation: try to find a way to relate every verse you read to your own personal life or the world around you, while learning with Yutla the learning will be part of your daily life.



Help: of course, you need to get help from a professional teacher as you will save much time and effort, the same way Yutla does.


Learning with groups: surround yourself with learners who have the same aim and target which will keep you motivated and enthusiastic, as yutla belives how it matter so it designed group schedules for that purpose


Learning Tafseer: is a high-level study of the Quran that utilizes a gathering of different sciences, for example, semantics, Fiqh, hadith, and religious philosophy to comprehend the significance of the Quranic refrains. 


Learning Tafsir Al Quran encourages us to all the more likely to comprehend the proposed implications of Quranic stanzas and get decisions from the Quran. Allah (SWT) says:

[This is] a blessed Book which We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], that they might reflect upon its verses and that those of understanding would be reminded.




Listening: according to Wikipedia definition To listen is to give attention to sound or action. When listening, one is hearing what others are saying, and trying to understand what it means, Yutla provides you high-quality audio to help.


Keep in touch: you need to not forget what you have learned as well your memory need to remember the value information daily to make it attached in the head.



in conclusion, as we told you before you really have no excuses or reasons to not start improving your religious skills now because you have all the needed tools right in your hand So take the moment.