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What is Quran transliteration

Quran transliteration means to make reading, understanding the Quran easier by translating it into your own language in case you are a non-Arabic native sparker.

You can translate every single surah into your needed language, you can make this process online or through the Quran transliteration book.

Why people need Quran transliteration

For those who cannot speak Arabic, they may face high difficulty going through the Quran. People always think that they

should learn Arabic first to be able to understand the Quran, but the true answer is no, you don’t need to learn Arabic first as we

highly recommended to learn Arabic since it the

Islamic language but at the same time you can take all the advantages from the Quran without learning Arabic because you can go directly to Quran transliteration which gives all the language translations.

Some people want to get rewarded by reading the Quran and to be honest Allah reward you for anything good you do especially the Quran, but we need to tell that reading Quran through its origin language, not the same as reading Quran transliteration because it’s just a way to help you understand the Quran. Don’t forget Allah sees all your doing and efforts and he rewards you for every step you take towards him.

holy quran transliteration
holy quran transliteration

How Quran transliteration helps Quran reader

Let’s talk about how the Quran generally helps people with every side of their life hence you will know the answer. The Quran helps Muslims to know how the Muslim can live and what to do with every step-in life.

Quran is Allah talking so it’s necessary to know what Allah wants to tell you.

Quran opens the minds and guides the souls in the right way.

Quran opens the minds and guides the souls in the right way.