• Recitation Correction :

From the basic level to the advanced one. We learn the rule theoretically and then practically apply it on your recitation.

General Rules for Correcting Recitation

  • One of the matters that the teacher takes into account the priorities of correction is to give general rules
  • Example: Each letter D, followed by a Hamza, must be extended by 4 vowels.
  • Correction of what was given in the base + clear melody.
  • The teacher must take into account that there is a minimum in every teaching lesson that she can accept at the specific level 
  • The endowment and initiation is a limit that cannot be tolerated and needs to be corrected by clarification and so on.
  • Write the word twice.
  • A comparison between the read word and another word to remove the error from the first.
  • Come up with a word's weight.
  • Spelling the word with diacritics.
  • Preceded students with a focused and private reading.
  • Focus on responding to the wrong spot.
  • Clarifying the pronunciation of the word and showing the letters.
  • Statement of the character of the letter and its correct output.
  • Statement of the rule in reading.
  • Discussion.

The Skill of Correcting Errors

  • The error must be determined by specifying the word in which it occurred.
  • We identify the letter in that word.
  • Description of the type of error is it a judgment or a way out, an attribute, or a formation ... etc.
  • Our teachers improved the estimation of the time required for training in correcting the error, so it should not be short, disruptive, nor long boring.
  • Our study as an average of the number of errors does not exceed three errors in a single council until they are focused on, provided that they are related to what you put forth in your lectures.
  • Teacher trains student adequately and then repeats the mistake in another place that should be commented on quickly.