Every class we memorise few Ayat with Tajweed rules (explaining the new rules and going over the old ones ( based on the student level).

We teach Tajweed along with the recitation & memorisation courses so that students can learn the rule theoretically then apply it practically when reciting or memorising. 

We teach THREE main levels in Tajweed: 

  • Level One for beginners.
  • Level Two for intermediate learners.
  • Level Three for advanced learners.

we start from the basic level, and then move on till we finish the advanced.

Five Tips for Memorizing Quran

The intention is on you sincerely, which is to move away from all the faults of the world and to make this work for Allah, glory be to HIM, and to where he said in his book in Surat Al Baynah
“They were not commanded except to worship Allah, be faithful to HIM.”

The supplication is to allow Allah to confirm in your heart and mind what you have memorized from the Quran and to pray to Allah to make the Quran the spring of your heart, the light of your heart, and the clearance of your grief.

How do You Memorize the Holy Quran in 365 Days?

Select the surah you want to memorize and choose the sheikh you prefer to hear on our website.
Repeat each verse of "25 to 30" once until proven.
And after you finish memorizing the first one, start with the verse that follows it, and then review the first and the second together.
And start memorizing the third, then review the first, second, and third verses, and memorize the fourth, and so on, until you finish memorizing what you have determined to memorize.
And after you have finished memorizing what you specified from the Quran, he will review it 25 times until it is proven.

How to Memorize Quran with Intonation?

Tajweed proves memorization in a stronger and broader way. Through my tracking of many schools and students, I have many problems in memorization. A brother says: Sheikh, I memorize and forget, so I ask him how you memorized ?? The majority say that we memorize a regular reading (as if he is reading a normal book), and this is a mistake. Very regular reading of the Holy Quran is not correct, so I should make my voice better. Therefore, to memorize the Quran with intonation, we have to do it with Tajweed.